Learning Node.js

The adventure began out of frustration. All I wanted was to spin up a quick server and database to store some data for a personal project. At work this would have been accomplished using C# Web API and a SQL database, but these tools aren’t available at home. What am I to do?!

The first thing that came to my head was the MEAN stack. It’s the newer, somewhat proven successor to the LAMP stack, friends are talking about it, and I’m certainly keen to learn.
After a few minutes of Googling around my laptop was primed and ready. I had the Node, MEAN stack and Atom editor installed, but no clue what I was doing!

I’m confident in my front end abilities so I dived straight into the backend, Node.js. I headed on over to Node School to cut my teeth on some tutorials and then published all the solutions I got through on GitHub!


It’s all JavaScript so very different to what I normally do server side in C#. Definitely recommend this for an afternoon of coding fun!


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