DNN 9 Theme Development using Christoc VS2017 Templates – Personal Reference

Acquiring the DNN Development Templates:

Tutorial – Creating a DNN Theme with a Visual Studio Project Template


In IIS you will need to add a binding on your DNN 9 site to listen on port 80, hostname = dnndev.me, like so:
Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 5.53.57 pm

When the Theme Project is created IIS will create a Virtual Directory with the same name as the Visual Studio Project. Very Important: this Virtual Directory must be deleted in IIS as it will conflict with the physical directory created by DNN when your theme is installed.

For reference, in IIS the Virtual Directory folder location was here: (Virtual Directory has already been deleted in this screenshot, and has been replaced with a physical folder by DNN after Theme installation.)
Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 5.56.24 pm

When you first create a new Module or Theme project using the Christoc templates the following error may be encountered:

“The Web Application <Project Name> is configured to use IIS.
Unable to access the IIS metabase. You do not have sufficient privilege to access IIS web sites on your machine.”

The solution is to follow these instructions:

On Windows 8 Pro:


On Windows 7 and 8.1 and 10


(Where %systemroot% is usually C:\Windows)

Navigate to the appropriate location above in Windows Explorer. You will be blocked access with a popup which says:

“You don’t have access to this folder – Click continue to permanently get access to this folder”

Click ‘continue’ for this folder, and repeat the same steps with the Export folder underneath.

The solution was found on the insanely helpful StackOverflow.
http://stackoverflow.com/a/17460774 — answer
http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12859891/error-unable-to-access-the-iis-metabase — original question.

Once the project was created, the references to “DotNetNuke.dll” and “DotNetNuke.Client.Web” had to be re-added from C:\inetpub\wwwroot\dotnetnuke\bin. If you’re reading this, the directory may be different depending on where you installed DNN.



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